What is definitely not to be missed


For wine

Malé Karpaty is known for its wine tradition, while the events of the Malo Carpathian Wine Route and other wine associations offer you many events with a program throughout the year. Towns such as Svätý Jur, Pezinok and Modra are known for their wine-growing tradition, and tasting excellent wines and seeing the varied palette of wine cellars throughout the region is one of the greatest experiences. In addition to good wine, wine routes are also connected with tradition, history and excellent gastronomic experiences.

Set out to discover the flavors of the Small Carpathians right from Krone Svätý Jur! We offer you great food from our restaurant, pleasant accommodation in a boarding house and a peek into the truly unique wine cellar in our Renaissance house.

For urban tourism

Svätý Jur will charm you with its peaceful atmosphere with a beautiful historic center. In its center is also our Renaissance house, which houses Krone Svätý Jur. We also pay attention to other monuments – the Gothic Church of St. Juraj with a unique wooden bell tower, the Evangelical Church, the Piaristic Monastery or the Church of the Holy Trinity. Even worldly monuments such as manors and residences of important noble families (Pálffyovci, Zichyovci) or the remains of the city’s fortifications will certainly not escape the attentive eye.

A short hop from St. George is Bratislava, which offers versatile options for every type of tourist. The historic core of the Old Town will enchant you with its romantic streets and hidden corners. You will definitely discover something interesting in each of them. Bratislava Castle dominates the Old Town and all of Bratislava. It stands out on a hill above the Danube and is one of the basic landmarks of our capital.

If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big city, just go in the opposite direction from Krone Svätý Jur. There are other Small Carpathian towns nearby – Pezinok and Modra – which, like Svätý Jur, will enchant you with the peaceful atmosphere of a wine town.

For tourism

A walk on the terraces of Malokarpatsk vineyards is one of the best experiences that this region can offer you. Svätý Jur is surrounded by them from all sides and they are among the most beautiful in the entire region. They will win you over with their peace, but also with a view of the wide surroundings.

For those of you who prefer forest paths and the shade of trees, we recommend visiting the nature reserve Šúr. This place is widely sought after not only by tourists, but also by botanists and zoologists, who study many protected animals and plants here.

If you go in the opposite direction from Krone Svätý Jur, towards the hills, you will arrive at the Avar-Slavic fortress. It ranks among the oldest settlements in the Lesser Carpathians with a significance far beyond the territory of St. George. You can also discover the ruins of White Stone Castle. The first mentions of the Gothic castle date back to the 13th century. century and in its ruins today you can find peace and energy.

In the wider area of ​​Sväté Jura, we focus mainly on the tourist lookout on Veľká Homol, as well as the entire area of ​​Harmonie above the town of Modra. No matter where the hiking trails take you to any part of the Small Carpathians, you will definitely return to Krone Svätý Jur with pleasant feelings and charged batteries. In our restaurant and guesthouse, we will make sure that you rest and have enough space to process all the impressions from your wanderings.

For experiences

The Lesser Carpathians are a truly diverse region and, in addition to gastronomic and touristic pleasures, they offer you many other great experiences. It does not matter whether you decide to complete them by car, bicycle or on your own.

We highlight historical castles and chateaux, among which Červený Kameň dominates, one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia. A little further on is the romantic Smolenický castle with a beautiful park. Near it is also the only accessible cave in the wide area. The Drina Cave will win you over with its captivating karst theater and long corridors in the bowels of the Small Carpathians.

Other interesting activities are offered to you during your stay at our pension Krone Svätý Jur. You can ride a horse in several riding areas, relax in the wellness and water park in nearby Senec or Trnava, or fearlessly go down the slopes in the winter at the local ski centers in Pezinská Baba and Modra-Harmónia.