We will upgrade your event to a perfect experience

Weddings, celebrations and corporate events

Are you looking for a space for a wedding reception, team building, corporate event, birthday celebration, christening, engagement or other event in the vicinity of Bratislava?

We offer you delicious food from our restaurant, pleasant service, great wines from local wine shops and professional care for our customers. We realize that every event is unique, and that is how we approach it at Krone Svätý Jur.


Conference rooms

Our Renaissance house in St. Jura is incredibly detailed. We have several conference rooms available that meet the highest standards. They are equipped with top-quality audio and video technology to make your event seamless in every aspect.

Krone Svätý Jur offers you conference rooms with a coffee break zone, in which the official part of your program can take place. If you need private negotiations, there is a lounge ready for you. There is a restaurant or a wine cellar where, thanks to our professional catering, you can give your event an unforgettable gastronomic experience. And finally, we offer accommodation options in our guesthouse so that you don’t even have to worry about the return trip.

When organizing an event, you will definitely appreciate that we are located right next to Bratislava. Although you will leave the hustle and bustle of the capital city, you will still remain in the Little Carpathians, within reach and in the immediate vicinity of Bratislava.

Corporate actions

A business meeting, team building, workshop, product launch or a Christmas party just a stone’s throw from Bratislava is no longer a problem. This is just a short list of corporate events for which we at Krone Svätý Jur offer you excellent catering, an exceptional atmosphere and a professional approach.

We will enrich the corporate event with a program upon request. You just have to choose whether you would rather see the art of historical dancers or a match of medieval swordsmen in the wine cellar. Can’t decide? It doesn’t matter, we will adjust the program according to your wishes and, if necessary, throw in something extra.

We fine-tune the details of each event personally with the client. We care about your satisfaction and that your partners and employees do not soon forget about Krone Svätý Jur near Bratislava. On request, we will also provide a professional photographer so that you can show off your experiences from us later.


We offer an unconventional place for a wedding in the surroundings of Bratislava with the atmosphere of a royal feast. You will feel like in a fairy tale.

Are you organizing a wedding reception and the D-day is approaching? It will certainly be beautiful, but its preparation can also be hectic and difficult. Allow us to help you and prepare a turnkey wedding for you in Krone Svätý Jur.

The historic wine cellar in St. Jura is a stylishly furnished space near Bratislava, which is intended for weddings of up to 40 guests. The atmosphere of a wedding reception in Krone will add the right spice to your big day. You will hear odes to him long after the wedding photos have faded.

Family celebrations

Family and private celebrations for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, graduations or bachelorette parties – we will be happy to prepare for you at Krone Svätý Jur.

Our office is located a stone’s throw from Bratislava in a Renaissance house. We have several spaces for rent and we are ready to create a complete turnkey offer for them. Would you like your celebration to be remembered years later? In that case, we will be happy to welcome you in our wine cellar transformed into a historic pub. Or are you looking for something less spectacular, where you could spend time with your loved ones in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by family? We can, of course, meet this request in our restaurant or in the conference rooms.