At Krone Svätý Jur, we realize that a good restaurant is based on quality ingredients, a professional team, an excellent chef, great service and a pleasant environment. You can find all this in our restaurant in the center of Sväté Jura. Our excellence lies in the combination of traditional historical recipes with a new modification, using modern technologies. We use seasonal ingredients from local suppliers. We pay the same attention to the selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, the best cuts of meat and first-class St. George’s wines as to the culinary art itself. You can enjoy your meals in the stylish restaurant on the first floor of the Renaissance house or on the terrace, where we have prepared a rich selection of grilled delicacies. We will be happy to prepare a wedding menu or food for your event or team building, which you will experience in a historic wine cellar with a rich wine collection. And to top it all off, we are happy to offer you accommodation in our guesthouse in stylish rooms with a unique atmosphere. Visit us in Svät Jura. We will be happy to convince you that we are among the best restaurants around Bratislava.


Feel free to judge for yourself how we managed to save the Renaissance house. We look forward to welcoming you to Krone Svätý Jur. Our main intention was to create a living space where you will feel comfortable from a dilapidated ruin. The boarding house, restaurant and cafe were the natural outcome of the next direction.

In the end, we had to agree on a name by which you will know us. After heated discussions, we reached an agreement and named the restaurant with accommodation near Bratislava as “Krone”. We pay tribute to the old population of St. George, which had German roots. However, we have more reasons for the name Krone. During our research, we discovered a unique piece of fresco in the wine cellar. The whole scene is irretrievably lost, but the Hungarian royal crown appeared on that small fragment. This finding is so unique that it has also been transferred to our name. And finally, Krone personifies the whole house for us, because we know what a treasure we have in our care.

We believe that you will appreciate our efforts to save a Renaissance house in the vicinity of Bratislava and Krone Svätý Jur will also become your favorite jewel. Our mission will achieve its imaginary goal when you leave satisfied and happy to return to us.