Restaurant Krone in St. Jura: A place where non-traditional-traditional cooking is done

Smoked trout pâté with horseradish on a medallion of potato rosti, grilled sturgeon fillet on a bean-leek ragout, mouflonie meat tenderloin with homemade steamed bun dumpling. You can also find these unconventional-traditional dishes in the fine-tuned menu of the Krone restaurant in Svät Jura. In the historic center of the wine-growing town, a Renaissance town house has once again blossomed into beauty. In it, it is just teeming with great food, excellent wines, a pleasant environment and people in the right place.

A restaurant with respect for history

Before restoration began, the burgher’s house on the square in St. George was on the verge of collapse. Literally. Fortunately, the investor decided to save everything possible. And in our opinion, even what was impossible. A unique space was thus created – on the ground floor, a cafe with Renaissance vaults, a vault and a courtyard, an underground wine cellar, which is still being saved, and a restaurant on the first floor.

A bit of Asia from the kitchen to the cafe

The kitchen at Krone tries to be self-sufficient and produce what they can: they bake their own sourdough bread, make their own pates, dumplings and pickled vegetables. However, you don’t have to enjoy the art of chefs only in the restaurant, you can also enjoy a snack downstairs in the cafe. It might surprise you, but they decided to significantly refresh the concept here. To break it and show that it makes sense in a slightly different way. So, in addition to venison pate with rosemary, you can treat yourself to a pastrami sandwich made from beef smoked here, Middle Eastern shakshuka or hummus under the Renaissance vaults. A beautiful contrast. And how tasty.

A restaurant for every occasion

Meet every customer and find the best solution for them. At Krone, they care about that. Although it may seem difficult at first glance, the possibilities are made for it. Thanks to the old Renaissance layout, the restaurant is divided into two separate rooms by glass doors. While in the smaller one, the family is celebrating its 80th birthday. old man’s birthday, locals and tourists enjoy lunch practically undisturbed in the larger one. If you want a larger, closed company, just go up a few stairs and you will appear in the attic common room, from which it is a real jump to the kitchen.

In addition, Krone also includes a courtyard dominated by a Mibrasa garden grill with a large iron counter. It is here, under the open sky, that original and often contemporary events take place, dominated by a perfect environment and great food. Restaurant Krone is like a chameleon with a clear opinion: it can adapt perfectly to you, but never loses its unique signature and quality. It is a place where a tower of innovation and pleasant surprises grows on the foundations of traditional cuisine. It is a place that Svätý Jur needed so much. And not only this wine town – we pleasure-seekers too.

Text: Tomáš Turek

Photo: Tomáš Turek

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