The book Movie locations 2 was brought to life “filmically” in St. Jura

In order 2. part of the Film Places book series continues the fascinating journey through Slovakia in the footsteps of film, film personalities and individual scenes. The book series, which accompanies fans of film and tourism in Slovakia to a number of important places, saw the expected continuation in November 2022. Just a few days after the release, 12. November 2022, was brought to life in a more festive spirit at an inconspicuous film location, in the Krone guesthouse in the historic center of St. George.

The movie book was christened, as usual, cinematically. For this, the author chose a Slovak distillate with an interesting name – 1000 year old bee, which reminds us of the famous film series The Thousand Year Bee (1983) directed by Juraj Jakubisk, to which several places in the book are dedicated.

Bringing it to life on film and on film location

The book’s author, culturologist and specialist in film tourism, Tomáš Galierik, chose as his godfather the historian Michal Kováčik, who in the past worked at the film-important Red Stone Castle and had the opportunity to participate in the important chapter of the first book of Film Locations dedicated to the aforementioned castle. Today, the manager of the Krone restaurant and guesthouse, whose stylish cellar and dining room, interiors, but also the historic surroundings of St. George’s, have recently been used by two televisions in their serial work. The very cellar spaces of the historic building, for example, were used by the film crew in the production of scenes for the new upcoming mystery series.

On the same street as Pension Krone, there is another interesting film location in the direction of the hill. The culturally significant local Renaissance winegrower’s house appeared in the movie Sviňa (from 2020) as a filming location for the journalist’s murder. The entire Svätý Jur has been used by filmmakers for a long time because of its winemaking tradition in the region, even for some places in the city itself. “Saint George will still have his place in the series of books dedicated to film locations. After all, the famous film Red Wine was also filmed here,” reminds the author of the book.

Links not only to the film series The Thousand Bee

The book Film locations 2 goes through the whole of Slovakia from east to west and brings us closer to the secrets of many famous foreign and domestic films. The very introduction to life was not carried in the symbolism of the Thousand-year bee, filmed according to the theme of Peter Jaroš, by chance. Movie locations 2 are devoted in detail to film scenes from the famous Thousand Year Bee. They originated in Spišská Sobota, today part of the city of Poprad, but also near the Gothic church of All Saints in the village of Ludrová near Ružomberok, which is an important film location in itself.

The old railway near Špana Dolina and the Čremošniansky tunnel and the Túfensky tunnel are also connected with the Thousand Bee. Places that the author mentions equally in connection with many other films and should not be forgotten. The book, like last year’s first volume, contains an immense number of such locations. Readers can thus once again look forward to an unrepeatable journey through experiences and interesting things, as they often watch the film from a previously unknown perspective for many. The book Filmové mesta 2 will be published in November 2022 as the second part of the series, at the same time as part of the book set Filmové Slovensko published by DAJAMA.

Information about the book:

  • Author: Tomáš Galierik
  • Publisher: DAJAMA
  • Series: Film locations, edition: Beauty of Slovakia
  • Binding: hard, varnished
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Genre: encyclopedias, cinematography, travel
  • Project website: filmomeiesta.sk
  • Available: in any good bookstore, tourist centers and information offices of many cities and museums

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