AS IT WAS, AS IT IS AND AS (POSSIBLY) WILL BE II. section? The event manager of the Krone restaurant answers…

It has been a few weeks since individual measures began to be relaxed. The favorable situation also allowed terraces to be opened under strict regulations. You will find out how they perceived the individual phases in the Versh cafe in Senec and the Krone restaurant in St. Juri in the following lines.

Michal Kovačik, marketing and event manager Krone Svätý Jur

(A barbecue was also held in Krone this weekend, of course under strict hygiene regulations. editor’s note) At Krone Svätý Jur, we are currently responding to 1. release phase. We provide customers with a lunch menu with delivery and also make available our takeout window where they can stop by for their lunch. We are preparing for the next release and are ready to organize a wedding reception for 15 guests, short-term accommodation for guests (phase 2) or open a terrace with a barbecue (phase 3). The current situation is really difficult, as our sales have dropped significantly and their replacement is very difficult, even impossible, in the current situation. However, we do not hang our heads and try to be positive. We believe that our customers will retain our favor and the situation will soon stabilize so that they can return to Krone.

A cafe with First Republic nobility and Renaissance majesty

When you enter the cafe in Krone, your eyes immediately shoot upwards. The restored, snow-white, majestic Renaissance vaults rise above you. It doesn’t take long before your eyes fall on the floor: it is decorated with well-preserved, geometrically shaped primrose tiles. You sit on a wooden bent “tonka” and your eyes fly: up and down, up and down, like watching tennis. Using the combination “unique space” has perhaps never been more appropriate. The cafe in Krone sensitively connects such different historical periods in a space adapted to current needs and especially to the requirements for modern genius loci. Genius loci, about which rumors spread beyond the borders of the region.

Lucia Ratkovská, Versh Senec

(Versh has already launched one of its terraces. editor’s note) A few months ago, none of us would have expected that one day we would have to turn off the coffee machines, the cake display would be yawning with emptiness, and that we would have to lock both our establishments and no one knows for how long. This whole situation affected us as much as any other operation. Our cafe was bursting at the seams every day, people enjoyed coffee in their favorite cup or a cookie, and in the rum bar they enjoyed our rum specialties and puffed on cigars until the unpleasant moment of general closing. We had stepped on a very good season and we wanted to make our terrace available to people so that they could enjoy the warm spring sun. We also had a rum tasting planned and various other events underway, but we had to cancel everything and postpone it to another time. At the moment, we don’t even dare to guess when everything will work as before. However, he is aware of one fundamental thing, and many other establishments may prove us right. This literal “budget cut” will cause the fact that, when we fully open, we will start completely from scratch as a newly opened operation. For us, it may be even more challenging because we have two operations. However, we think positively, we tried to start a take-away coffee window, cookies, drinks, cigars over the weekend and we have to say that people came to us with a smile on their face saying: “Finally I can enjoy my favorite coffee.” It is precisely these words from customers that confirm us that we can do it. So far, the dispensing window only works at one establishment. The second location is closed and we decided to make the most of this time and make some important changes and our customers will get a huge surprise from us.The second location is closed and we decided to make the most of this time and make some important changes and our customers from us they get a huge surprise. What it will be, however, he does not understand for himself at the moment, and we promise that Kávičkari will be one of the first to reveal it soon! Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Your Versh.

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