BENCONT received an award for the restoration of the St. George’s Renaissance Manor

The mansion before the renovation (year 2017) Photo source: BENCONT/Krone

Bratislava 29. of July (OTS) – The first street facade in the city presenting in a comprehensive form the Renaissance period, a complex restauration and artistic and craft restoration, as well as a suitable addition for the purposes of a new restaurant and accommodation function, received the Award for exemplary renovation by the expert jury of the Academia Istropolitana Nova, which awards it in cooperation with It has been awarded for the eleventh time by the Office of the Bratislava Region and with the First Savings Bank.

The noble mansion, today named after the Krone restaurant and guesthouse, is one of the dominant buildings on the square in the center of the Svätý Jur Municipal Monument Reserve (Prostredná ulica no. 160). The building was lucky enough to be owned by an investor with a passion for the restoration of monuments – in 2006 it was bought from the City and various owners by an entity linked to the Bencont Group business group.

“Our motivation for the purchase was also the fact that it is a very valuable house right in the heart of the city and at the same time it was possible to buy all parts of the street and courtyard wing, which is usually a problem in Svät Jura due to the fragmentation of ownership,” says the chairman of the board of directors about the purchase of the property Bencont Group Peter Huňor and adds: “I, my brother, who is also a partner in Bencont, and several of my key colleagues, have a personal relationship with this city of Jura. We live here and here we developed and completed our first major development project, Jurassic Park. The rich history of the building made us suspect that the work on its restoration would be a very interesting and unique experience for everyone.”

The expectation that the house would reveal its hidden “treasures” to the new owners came true – in the right corner of the street facade, just under the roof near the eaves, a piece of plaster peeled off, revealing the Renaissance decoration with painted black and white squares. The invited restorer subsequently found other parts of the Renaissance decoration of the facade in such a range and quality that it was possible to deal with the entire area of ​​plaster and paint on the facade in the spirit of the Renaissance. It is the first facade in the center of Svätý Jura that presents this period in the architectural development of the city in such a comprehensive form.

Mysterious crowns

Another unexpected find were the paintings of two Hungarian royal crowns in the plastering room, which were accidentally discovered by plasterers while removing unsuitable coatings. The crowns are dated to the middle of the 17th century. century and it has not yet been possible to clarify why they are depicted here. However, they are undoubtedly important for the history of the building, and thanks to them, the building was named Krone by the new owners.

In the Krone cafe, the restaurateurs and the investor cared about every detail. Photo source: BENCONT/Krone

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